“Since the moment I was hired by JBIHE, I felt like a part of a family, All Staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education .” JBIHE has different teaching learning program like D.el.ed(Diploma in Elementary Education ) and DPSE (Diploma in Pre School Education) are professional programmes , Which prepare students to work as teachers in primary / upper primary schools of different states of the country . These courses play a significant role in laying the foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experience, leading to a high demand for career opportunities.

Upasana Sangwan
( Assistant Lecturer JBIHE )

My name is Lata Rani, l am a lecturer of Jain Bharti institute of higher education. I am sharing my experience with you it is a great privilege for me to be apart of the join Bharti institute of higher education faculty. I strongly believe that the philosophy and the aims of JBIHE are really new in the teaching scenario, and I especially enjoy the great interaction with the students. I can say that we always learn from them and receive insights on how we can fulfill our teaching skills and efforts. We should direct our teaching effort as mentors. Moreover JBIHE is always expanding with new ideas and educational opportunities.

Lata Rani

I am so happy to be part of JBHE. It gave us wonderful opportunities to showcase our talent and work on many national and international platforms...

Nisha Kaushik

I would like to take this opportunity to mention how lucky I am to be part of this Education Institute. This institute has changed my life. ..

Sweety Duvedi