Our Principal Message

Every student who gets enrolled with us is indeed a blessed folk as they found a chance of being enlightened at one of the best Teachers Training Institutes of Delhi. Jain Bharati Institute of Higher Education was nurtured and blessed by the greatest Jainacharyas divine and heavenly vision.

I have a firm belief that you would hold the rich values and customs imbibed here.

Our institute has the ownership of having a solid and amicable ambiance. And the credit for this goes to the blessings of our great spiritual saints and seers.

Aside from being skilled in teaching, one must have a comprehensive character of improvement. This institute has played a cascading role in the career and personality of students.
Students also need to think out of the box, apart from the teaching profession. They need to develop their personalities and make them valuable. Making yourself skilled will enhance your personality and let you stay confident everywhere. Different co-curricular activities, hands-on practice, etc., can help the students strengthen their teaching abilities.
Apart from this, all the students who look forward to increasing their knowledge can reach out to the institute's library. Here, you will get to read all the state-level books, magazines, and diaries that will make you insightful.

Dr. Sangeeta Rajpal


JBIHE also has an individual standing in sports and social exercises. The best part is our students win honors on different occasions in various games and social events. I believe students will learn, grow and make their parents and us proud.